Advanced Telescope Making


at Brian Lula's

Heaven's Glory Observatories


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                               HGO I Observatory in Massachusetts -1998               20" RCOS on HGO fork mount at HGOII       HGO I Scope &  HGO Mount -2008


                   Heaven's Glory II in New Mexico moonlight -2008            Working at NASA's SOFIA Observatory Edwards AFB - 2010



                            HGO II in New Mexico with enhanced living quarter additions in 2014 by new owner and friend  Dr. Dick Post. Additional mount and  observatory control upgrades by B. Lula



                                    HGOV in Massachusetts - Highly Modified DFM mount and C14 in rebuilt HGO 1 Observatory  - 2018    


                       The evolution of HGO II by replicating the original observatory design into a world class science imaging facility-2019


                           Hayabusa 2 Hypervelocity Reentry Imaging Mission - Australia 2020    NASA Tail 992 Flight and Science  Crew  



                                      Being Awarded the NASA Silver Achievement Medal  - April 2021    NASA Tail No. 520 at NASA Langley   








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